Baltic Moon

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Kelly irvine.shikoba 2 Recently we had the pleasure of shooting for UK based company Baltic Moon. The brand who design tea/ homeware, plus beautiful scarves are made up of the sisters Anna and Cara Benson. The Girls as a team provide a winning combination of skills with Anna’s degree and 20 years experience in fine art, fused with Cara’s education in marketing and experience in merchandising in the unforgiving fashion industry.

baltic 3

The designers take inspiration for there work from Greek Mythology and worldly travels, drawing upon the fascinating stories and mysterious folklore that proclaim of Unicorns and goddesses.


Working with Baltic Moon we got to experience the beautiful quality of their scarves that the girls have created, searching far and wide for the perfect material and finally settling on fabric from India. As you will see in our Baltic Moon Film the movement in the material is testiment to the beautiful quality they stand by as a brand.


High quality China Teaware  is also available by baltic moon for sale via their website and Etsy store so go shop! We adore baltic moon and are certain you all will too!

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The Coriolis Effect.

Article by Jasmin Chong.

Photographs by Kelly Irvine.


Taking current affairs into account and the current disasters happening around us like the Tibetan earthquake. Situations like that affect and influence us in many different ways is a big influence on Kooky Studios work, whether it be emotionally or creatively. Researching into the earthquakes and looking at the deeper meaning, including the Maya calendar and the pole shift effect and how it effects the earth. Taking inspiration from many different things even if the things are world disasters, it’s good to look at all aspects of inspiration.


Here at Kooky Studios, we took inspiration from the natural disasters and created some images based on the idea of the coriolis effect. The corolis effect is inspired by our research into the Pole Shift Hypothesis. The Pole Shift Hypothesis is a theory that suggests there has been rapid shifts in the positions of geographic locations of the poles and rotation of the earth, which are said to be the cause of the earths natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. This led us to create imagery in a style that represents the ‘coriolis effect’, with windswept elements.

You can donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee charity here.

Miss Pagonini Series

This week we’ve been busy creating a new collection of photographic art for our Saatchi Art portfolio. The collection, that we call the Miss Pagonini Series, consists of four abstract artworks available to buy now on the Saatchi website. The art is an adaptation of a shoot we did with Laura James Millinery, and was inspired by the eccentric headwear of Carmen Miranda. The artworks are a graphic combination of vibrant hues of red, blue, yellow and pink.

To view Kelly Irvine’s artwork on the Saatchi website click here

The darker the shadow the greater the light.

Article by Kelly Irvine

Photography by Alex Brenner


Further inspiration for my next project came in the form of a last minute ticket to the Unity Theatre last night. A physical theatre production by ‘Theatre Ad Infinitum,’ Directed and written by George Mann and associate director Nir Paldi.


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“Art is what you can get away with” – Andy Warhol

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 15.25.29

At Kooky Studios we take our inspiration from many great photographers and artists, but one who has influenced us more than most is the late Andy Warhol. The iconic artist revolutionised art, with his philosophy that art should be available and accessible for everyone. At Kooky Studios we share this mantra in everything we do, particularly through the Kooky Project, where we propose to provide a facility in which to develop the creative capabilities of those with learning difficulties and disorders.

Upon visiting Transmitting Andy Warhol, an insightful exhibition currently being shown in the Tate Liverpool on the Albert Dock, we were inspired to create some eclectic photographic art of our own, as well as our very own Pop Tart homage to the king of Pop Art himself.

Check out the rest of our artwork on Saatchi Art:

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Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.36.23

Original artwork created by Kelly Irvine is now available to buy online from Saatchi Art. The collection is a mixture of psychedelic digital art, and manipulated watercolour in our original kooky style.

To buy the collection online click here